latest from room aromas

Well it’s been a busy few months here at Room Aromas HQ and firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of update, new / press releases on our blog but we have been extremely busy and there are genuine reasons for not being able to post updates.

Back in May we were told by the landlord of our warehouse that we had to find a new warehouse and move out due to the expansion of his own business. Over the next 4 weeks we searched high and low for a suitable location that was central but more importantly have the right facilities and the room to accommodate our own growth.

Anyone that has ever moved house will know the joys of moving, the pressure of finding the right property for the right price in the right location. Then the logistics of moving from one location to the other and this is why we feel for us to source the new premises, refurbish and move our entire operation within 4 weeks was amazing and took some hard work and long hours.

Unfortunately though the move was not without casualties. Moving outside of Birmingham meant that the two members of our warehouse staff did not stay with us so for the next 6-8 weeks our operation was short staffed meaning our full attention was turned to the order processing and fulfilling our orders on time to ensure our customers continued to receive the high standard of service you have come to expect.

With new staff in place, staff training in hand our new staff have settled in nicely and we are now catching up on our blogs and able to add some of the new products which should have been added weeks ago.

Please continue to check the blog on a regular basis for product updates.