Ice mint back in stock

It’s good news folks… we finally have the Ice mint aromas back in stock.

Originally we had stopped supplying this product due to problems with the bottles. We experienced many bottles breaking and products leaking. We had to replace many bottles over a short period of time.

The manufacture of this product in Austria was contacted a long time ago about the problems we were facing and initially there was no movement or any suggestion that the problems would be resolved. There must be many re-sellers like room aromas who are in the same position and have removed the product from sale due to quality control issues.

The new product now has a stronger square bottle similar to some of our other 25 & 30 ml bottles. We have been selling the new bottle now for a couple of weeks and so far there has been no reported problems or breakages.

The issue with the bottles and quality and the removal of the products shows our commitment and passion and that we pride ourselves on our service. That’s why we are the UK’s number one supplier of room aromas in the UK.