Internal cleansing bulb




Anal or Vaginal cleansing bulbs. 

Brand new cleansing bulbs for both Vaginal and Anal use available in 2 sizes.

Mini travel bulb – 90ml
This brand new anal douche is small and compact making it perfect for travel.
Small and mighty as it still holds 90ml of water. A total 130mm in length, the bulb is approx 85mm long.
Unisex Anal / vaginal Douche.
Easy to use for maximum cleanliness.
Must have accessory.

Standard bulb – 225ml
A total 170mm in length, the bulb is approx 125mm long and holds up to 225ml (approx.)
Unisex Anal / vaginal Douche.
To use simply fill the bulb with water, insert and squeeze gently to maintain a steady spray of water.
Easily washable in warm water. Safe to use with all lubricants. Cleans away bacteria and reduces the risk of infections.
This product is supplied without retail packaging to enable us to send easier and cheaper.

Additional information

Weight 0.020 g

Large 225ml, Small 90ml


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